We've detected that your browser does not support scripting. viagra for sale Scripting must be enabled to use avvo. coupon for viagra Turn on scripting and reload this page. Expert advice when you need it most sign in with: sign in register are you a doctor? cheap generic viagra Legal health research health advice ask a doctor or dentist find a doctor find a dentist write a review health advice lawyers doctors dentists legal advice health advice home  >  research health advice  >  spinal surgery  >  compression fracture treatment compression fracture treatment flag asked over 1 year ago - philadelphia, pa osteoporosis treatment my wife suffers from osteoporosis and has suffered a compression fracture of the 8th vertebrae. cheapest price for viagra online She has seen a spine specialist,and two rheumatologists. She is now on a "forteo", injectable regimine 2 weeks. generic viagra Nothing has been done however to eliminate the pain & ache she suffers with. flomax viagra interactions There is also a moderate spinal curvature that has ensued with the former condition. What can be done short of pain killers which she has a hard time accepting physically. cheap generic viagra Also, should xrays be taken periodically to determine if the compression fracture has or is healing? Is a back stabilizing brace required or recommended to counteract the disforming and pain issueing curving condition? viagra for sale Wrs save tweet doctor answers (1) alvin bay lin pro las vegas family practice doctor contributor level 16 1 helpful vote answered april 09, 2011 20:12. I hope you don't me poking my head in as a family physician & geriatrician. buy cheap viagra Forteo is a recombinant parathyroid hormone. cheapest price for viagra online It causes bone to grow (as opposed to the bisphosphonate class that slows down bone loss). You can also ask about using denosumab to help treat her osteoporosis. medicaresupplementspecialists.com/pfz-cheap-viagra-no-prescription-sy/ To determine whether the forteo (or any other medication, for that matter, is working, one needs a dexa (or dxa - dual energy xray absorptiometry) to measure bone density periodically. Compare viagra with viagra and viagra I'm not sure a simple spine xray will document healing, but it could certainly show worsening. Before i forget, make sure she's getting plenty of calcium & vitamin d. cheapest generic viagra If she needs medicine to control heartburn or stomach ulcer, then she should consider calcium citrate. cheapest price for viagra online If her stomach is fine, then calcium carbonate will do. buy generic viagra Check her vitamin d level - make sure she has plenty, not "just enough". Viagra natural brasil You can find vitamin d3 2,000 units in a single capsule at costco and other stores. Ok but that doesn't take care of back pain. cheap viagra online I'. viagra price 10mg should insurance companies cover viagra Saltar intro
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